The primary language spoken in Belize is English and is spoken by almost everyone. The secondary language is Spanish.


Belize is a Democratic government with two main parties namely the: United Democratic Party (UDP) and the Peoples United Party (PUP). The UDP are currently in seat.


Belize lays in the sub-tropical region. Rainy season lasts from late Spring to Mid-Fall, tapering off into light rain up until around February. You can expect drier weather from February to May.


Belize accepts USD. There is no need to get local currency. The current rate is $1 USD = $2 BZE for cash transactions. Change will most likely be given back in BZE Dollars, though if you ask, most places will happily give USD change if available. When using credit cards they may carge an exchange rate. Note that your issuing card company might charge you an additional fee so it is advisable check beforehand. American Express is not widely accepted here.

Getting around San Pedro

The main part town is located on the Southern side. There are three main streets in town namely: Front street - one way; North Middle street - one way; lastly, South and Back street which is two way. 

Access to the North of the Island is made through Middle street which is two way and can be entered from either the last turn on Front street or at the end of the cobble road on Back street. 

There is one main road to carry you to the North of the Island and the same is true for the South. Note that there is currently a $5 BZE toll each way to cross the bridge at the North of the island.